Open for Commissions!

Hello everyone! I’ve decided to open commissions for the first time ever! I absolutely love to write, and I really want to get back into the swing of writing creatively. So if you have ideas for a piece of writing you’d like to see come to life – poetry, prose, a background story in mind for a character – in a game, an OC, a D&D character – I can do that for you!

I have three writing samples up for you to read to see if my style of writing is for you.

Writing Sample #1: I was inspired to write a background story for one of my player’s characters when I was running a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Writing Sample #2: When I played in someone else’s D&D campaign, I made a background story for my character.

Writing Sample #3: I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and I wrote a poem about the end of the series.

Writing Sample #4: Another Harry Potter work, but in FanFiction!