U29: Flames of Ambition – Initial Impressions

I took a break from ESO starting in November and now I’m back for U29 – Flames of Ambition.

Champion Point Changes

I’ve played the game for about four years now and two of those years have been spent gaining champion points I thought I was never going to actually use since I’d hit the 810 cap. But they finally overhauled it! Here are my initial thoughts:

  • There are options in the cp trees now that give you lots of max stats – this increase will help overall with sustain, since most damage builds will now run parsing food which offer more recovery. I main a Magicka Dragonknight, which has generally been a class that struggled with sustain. Since I can now run parse food, things are much better in that regard!
  • There is a lot of choice, which can be at the same time exciting and overwhelming. Most damage dealers will choose the same or similar CP, with slight changes depending on content. The same goes for tanks, and for healers. So there looks like a lot of choice, but it’ll be close to the same choices for each role.

The Warfare Tree

The Warfare Tree holds your main sources of offensive and defensive points. This means that as a damage dealer, and even a healer, you’ll have to choose between more survivability or more damage/healing output. This is harder at lower levels, considering every three champion points you’ll earn will go towards this tree. Don’t forget to click the purple glowy nodes when you have access to them – there are more points there, too. Go with what feels right!

The Fitness Tree

The Fitness Tree has to deal with max health pool, sustain, and reducing the cost of actions like roll dodge, block, bash, and sprint. There’s also a really cool champion node that you can fill up and slot that reduces the time it takes to resurrect a player!

The Craft Tree

Now the Craft Tree is different and requires the most amount of points to put into nodes that you can slot. These are all quality of life champion points. You can make your mount go really fast, be really sneaky, increase the amount of gold you can receive, or harvest double the yield in double the speed. You’re going to have to be really picky though, because even at nearly 1500 CP I still can’t put points into everything I’d like.

DLC Dungeons

U29 also introduced two new dungeons for us to play around in! The names of the dungeons this time around were Black Drake Villa and The Cauldron.

Black Drake Villa

Black Drake Villa can be found in the Gold Coast and Eveli Sharp-Arrow accompanies us for this one. It is personally my favourite of the two dungeons for a couple reasons. The first is that there are puzzles and when you complete these puzzles, secrets are unlocked for you to uncover along the way. There’s also a cool mechanic with each of the boss fights. Each boss also has its own hard mode that you can activate. So overall I found this one a bit more engaging. There’s also a huge library and bookish sounding achievements, like Ardent Bibliophile for the trifecta achievement. Additionally, one of the bosses does unarmed attacks! It makes me wonder whether our next class (please introduce one soon ZoS!) will be an unarmed something-or-other.

The Cauldron

The Cauldron is more along the lines of ESO’s classic straightforward dungeon crawl and can be found in Deshaan. Lyranth comes with and orders us around in this one. My favourite fight is the one where we help Lyranth directly, as it involves a cool mechanic with some oil. This time, only the last boss has a hard mode, but you’ll be running circles with your friends trying to complete it! The last boss is a really hectic fight, but a really fun one too. If you like Daedra and fire, this one is definitely for you!

What do you think so far about Update 29? Let me know in the comments!

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