Hello everyone! You can find me on most socials as MidnightAmant, but I go by Midnight and I’m so happy you’re here! Having played MMO’s and some single player games for over 7 years now, I wanted to have a platform where I could share my experiences and be a source of fun as well as information.


The main game I play is Final Fantasy 14. I absolutely love the game and community. I cannot wait to share my thoughts, tips and tricks!

My first MMO was The Elder Scrolls Online and will always hold a special place in my heart. I also play Horizon Zero Dawn, The Witcher 3, Wild Hunt, and Genshin Impact on a semi-regular basis.

FUN: I have a lot of fun playing the games I do, and I want you to enjoy them with me! I’ll be posting funny anecdotes, screenshots, and video clips from my time playing my games on this website. I hope the posts make you smile 😀

HELP: Trying to get past a pesky dungeon or trial boss? Trying to find something in the games that I play to interest you? I’m here to help!